My name is Alayna, I'm 20 years old. I am an Animation student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I draw and do nothing else.

This is a blog for all my sketches and original artwork, plus some other thingys and what-not. You're welcome to suggest something you'd like me to sketch, or ask me a question or whatever you feel. Thanks!

I like BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Homestuck, Dangan Ronpa, Attack on Titan, Welcome to Night Vale, and many other things.

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Hey, so I just got thinking about how much you and your sister have impacted my life. Like, me and my sister have been fans of y'all's work for a looooong time (like neopets long time), and that is probably what inspired me to become an artist! I'm going to hopefully sell a painting for the first time soon, and i just wanted to thank you guys for being an inspiration to me! <3

Hahaha NEOPETS let’s just forget that ever happened okay.. but WOW that means so much to me thank you friend!! It makes me so happy to hear that I/we inspired you, especially at that age when I was learning so much myself. All I can say is KEEP GOING because a few years can make a huge impact and that there are always new things to learn and help you grow!

And congrats on your first painting sale, that’s HUGE! Here’s to many more of those and good luck! :D

Watercolored some alien girls! I was just thinking how it had been a while since I watercolored anything and I really missed it! I’m really happy with how these came out! I still feel like I need a lot of practice but I feel like my progress is there. :)

Gonna try and work on more stuff before the spring semester starts!!


I'm sorry for being annoying about this, I assume you get this a lot, but it Insta-Dinner dead?

It’s okay! Unfortunately I’ve decided to stop making pages for now, only because I’m not only really deep in college work but I’ve been using all my free time to build more skill and make more pieces for my portfolio. I’m an animation major and it’s a VERY stressful and time-intensive thing. Because animation is my first love and my career path, and comics are just a hobby for me really, I decided to put off making comics for a while, at least until I’m out of school.

But HEY, despite that, I’m still deeply attached to the story and the characters. I wouldn’t doubt that somewhere later in my career I would bring it all back, whether to relaunch the comic, or perhaps even as an animation! We’ll just have to see!

Wanted to try experimenting with some character animation! I sketched this guy a while ago and decided I wanted to make him a walk cycle; it was fun to picture the way he’d move and try to bring it to life. :) It was really great practice and I hope to make more little experimental animations soon!

I don’t have any name for this guy/intentions of using him for anything just yet. I’ve just been calling him all different things from “lumberjack muppet” to “anti-lorax”.