My name is Alayna, I'm 20 years old. I am an Animation student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I draw and do nothing else.

This is a blog for all my sketches and original artwork, plus some other thingys and what-not. You're welcome to suggest something you'd like me to sketch, or ask me a question or whatever you feel. Thanks!

I like BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Homestuck, Dangan Ronpa, Attack on Titan, Welcome to Night Vale, and many other things.

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Have you had anyone ever tell you that you couldn't make it as an artist? If so, how were you able to ignore them and keep chasing after your dream?

All the time, and still do! Partly because I feel like there’s so many different tastes out there, and cartoons aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea (especially older people, for some reason), but being in art school especially opens one up to criticisms, from everyone and everywhere (because they know it’s “serious” now and not just a childish dream, now that you’re sinking money and time into this thing). But the more I sink into my dream the more it pays off, and that’s honestly why I keep going! I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t go to art school, but I know I wouldn’t have any of the opportunities I’m getting from it, nor the ridiculous amount of things that I learn all the time! I’m also interning at an animation studio this summer and not only am I having an amazing time and learning so much, but I would have NEVER got that opportunity if I didn’t have any of the knowledge and skill I got from school, nor if I gave up when people told me I couldn’t make it. And time to time, they still tell me that! But it’s not about ignoring them and just chasing after something. You have to know what you’re going after, and work at it! And it takes a lot of time and hard work and beating yourself up, but that’s how you get better! But once you gain enough skill, dreams happen!

But hey, it’s not easy at all, especially when you’re just starting to work up that dream and the criticism’s at its worst. I’ve been there, and it’s been better since then, but I still face it from time to time so I don’t really know the clear answer for dealing with it. I guess the best thing is that as you fix and work on the things you can’t do, never forget to pride yourself on the things you can. Don’t obsess over criticism when there’s so much you’re good at. And always keep going and practicing and putting yourself out there, because opportunities will find you and things will take off if you’re patient enough.

I know I’m writing so much today but these are really good questions. And I’ve missed you all! Honestly I’ve been so busy but I still have no scanner and no wifi and I’m trying to find a more convenient way to post things, so hopefully soon!

Hey, have you suggested pitching Insta-Dinner to Cartoon Network? It has a pretty good plot and premise, and the character design and drawings are wonderful.

Aww I’m really happy you think that it could make it as a cartoon! (Especially since I’d love to make my own cartoon in the future, hehe) Honestly I don’t really know if it’d make a good cartoon? Besides the fact that it does have some adult themes here and there I feel like it wouldn’t really work in a “weekly episode” format; especially since the plot’s so continuous and things kinda happen in a chronological order where someone couldn’t really just hop into an episode and watch… I feel like the comic format is best for the story not only for that reason but since I initially intended for it to be a comic that’s just how it grew and came to be where I can’t really picture it as anything else. Though I do picture it animated from time to time, as I do with everything being an animator and all, if anything I could picture it as a movie maybe? Otherwise it would need a lot of reworking to work as a cartoon, haha.

So yeah, sorry for the rant, haha. But thank you! It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and probably will think about in the future!

Hey, I’m not dead! Yippee!! Well I KNOW I haven’t posted anything in a while, for a load of reasons. What with my laptop frying in the middle of the semester and having to get a new one, having my scanner break (yet to get a new one of those, btw), plus a load of personal garbage with work and school and whatever that posting art hasn’t been a priority. But I will gather some stuff I did during the semester and hopefully get it on here for you all to see! And thanks for sticking by!

So for the summer I’m planning on practicing more animation techniques and improving my skills and such. So hopefully you’re gonna see all my little practice thingies and stuff! Hopefully I’ll have time for that sort of thing. And making more art. And yeah, practice. And stuff. I don’t really feel like writing right now..

But yeah, stay tuned! Lots of stuff! Yes!

Hey, so I just got thinking about how much you and your sister have impacted my life. Like, me and my sister have been fans of y'all's work for a looooong time (like neopets long time), and that is probably what inspired me to become an artist! I'm going to hopefully sell a painting for the first time soon, and i just wanted to thank you guys for being an inspiration to me! <3

Hahaha NEOPETS let’s just forget that ever happened okay.. but WOW that means so much to me thank you friend!! It makes me so happy to hear that I/we inspired you, especially at that age when I was learning so much myself. All I can say is KEEP GOING because a few years can make a huge impact and that there are always new things to learn and help you grow!

And congrats on your first painting sale, that’s HUGE! Here’s to many more of those and good luck! :D